Friday, August 20, 2021

“ACT OUT of the Clutter Closet!"
-- This Event has been Rescheduled --

· ACT OUT! ·
Shine Light on Mental Health & Recovery.
Sweep “Collecting Behavior” Out From Under the Rug.

The Diagnosis Called “Hoarding Disorder” Comes Out of the Clutter Closet.

Widespread and common, but closeted and hidden, "Hoarding Disorder" only became an official American Psychiatric Association diagnosis less than ten years ago. Let's uncover this behavioral health challenge!

Alternative terms like "HD" or "Collecting Behavior" stop stigma and shame. Behavioral Health comes out from being hidden under the rug to shine light on recovery and resilience, because: Everybody has Mental Health, and everybody needs good Mental Health!

Briefly performing a short scene or two from her original solo comedy,
"DisordR, The Play," DC Actor, Educator, and Advocate Hilary Kacser invites you to tell your own story and get up on your feet to act it out, all while opening conversation about this little understood, but potentially serious, and very under resourced issue, “Collecting Behavior.”

“ACT OUT of the Clutter Closet"
A little song, a little dance, a little audience participation, a little clutter
—performance of one (or two, if time allows) very short excerpted scenes from "DisordR, The Play"

—an introductory taster about collecting behavior (“HD” or the diagnosis identified as hoarding disorder) -- and what we can do to try to get help
—a short interactive, creative section helping audience participants get up on their feet briefly performing
—Audience Question & Answer Discussion
Come participate in this debut, first program not designed specifically for children, ever presented in Georgetown Library's lovely outdoor amphitheater.

Georgetown Neighborhood Library
3260 "R" Street NW
Washington,  D.C.  20007
Outside in amphitheater on
terraced lawn behind library
We regret this event had to be rescheduled from Saturday, September 18, 2021. Please check back as further updates about when the event will take place become available. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

More about "DisordR, The Play," here:
For further details, please contact
Georgetown Neighborhood Library
202 - 727 - 0232
Mr. Wendell Kellar (DCPL)

“ACT OUT of the Clutter Closet!"<br><i>-- This Event has been Rescheduled --</i>

· ACT OUT ! · COMING OUT OF THE CLUTTER CLOSET Shine Light on Mental Health & Recovery . Sweep “Collecting Behavior” Out From Under the...